St. Drewsus Of Nazareth (anothabrownface) wrote in xspeech_hos,
St. Drewsus Of Nazareth

My "Application"

Andrew J Knight   23

reasons why to accept:

1.  I am your ex coach making you my ex speechies thus I still rule over you in ex speech world.  That's logic baby!

2. You axed ME to join.

3.  I know ebonics . . . ok, that is not a reason.  I know more  about ex speeching than anyone else that would join this community.

God, this is kinda degrading.  Get yer laughs now sistas!  There shall be come uppance.

reasons why I am hot . . . jesus, did I mention degrading?

1. I am the eldest of the Knight brothers and thus lead them.

2. I own at least two $400 suits and look damn good in them.

3. My girlfriend is hot.  You know it.  Don't deny it.

I believe that was all the app. axed for.


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