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ooo! me! pick me! please!

name and age: claire marie ambrose taylor, age 18 (although i really wish my name were something REALLY sexy. like frances....or becca)

3 reasons why i should be accepted:
1) i feel like i embody the true spirit of an ex-speech ho
2) i both loved and hated speech
3) i'm coaching for at least the next two years (just so i have an excuse to be around the hotness of frances and becca and other ex-speech hos)

3 fucking good reasons why i'm as hot as you:
1) i'm going to marry frances, and she has impeccable taste in significant others
2) i'm good at sex!
3) i spend weekends walking around my house in a black bra, black panties, a pin-striped jacket, and black stilettos.

have i actually won anything?
yep. i've won a lot of things. a few first places. seventh place at nat quals ONE TIME! the only things i have yet to win are your hearts. but don't worry, i will remedy that situation with chocolate, poems, home-cooked dinners, expensive jewelry, and lap dances.


yeah...i couldn't find my pants

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