msdarcy (msdarcy) wrote in xspeech_hos,

I was quite the policy whore

Name and Age: Maria 19
*Three reasons why you should be accepted (and don't screw around)
1. I was on my debate team for a fucking year and a half of my life!
2. I would often get angry and make snide remarks toward the other team during the little cross examinations.
3. I look so purrrrty in my debate team garb.
*Three FUCKING good reasons why you are as hot as us
1. I used to harass my debate team couch, Carl, by repeatedly referring to him as Officer Carl Winslow (the black father from Family Matters) to which he did not take kindly.
2. Policy debate brings out the tiger in me.
3. I used to get hit on by fat nerds from other schools in between matches and egged them on by smiling and making eye contact.
*For alls you speech and debate sluts, have you actually won anything?
Winter Trophy, 3rd place. Take that fucking Chaparral!
Picture coming real soon!
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